Filiala Oltenia




Main activity domain:
- Engineering, software research and development in automation and IT systems, e-content
- Software production into distributed systems
- Solution development into automation systems and information technology domain
- "turn key" solutions for the developed systems
- Internationales projects: FP6, Riti Access, Eureka, Phare, Phare CBC, Leonardo, Interreg, Minerva, etc.

Address: Str. Stefan cel Mare, No. 12, Craiova, Dolj County, Romania.
Phone: +40-(0)251-418 882; +40-(0)251-563 368; Fax: +40-(0)251-562 900;
Contact Person: Gabriel Catalin Vladut

- Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000 server, LINUX;
- Data Bases: MSSQL 2000; Oracle 9i; ACCESS, MySQL, DB;
- Programming Languages: C,C++,asm,php,perl,xml,java,Borland Delphi,VB;
- Tools: JBuilder2005, Quanta Plus, Macromedia;
- Design applications: UML, SOAP;
- Design: Macromedia Flash, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Ulead Photoimpact, Corel Xara, Dreamweaver MX;
- Certifications: ISO 9001, IQNet;
- Automation: MonitorPro, MonitorCal, WinCC, Process Portal A, Systems 800x, ControlBuilderMProfessional, Step 7, PL7MICRO, PL7Junior, PL7PRO, PROLOG, AutoLisp, AutoCAD, TwidoSoft, ZelioSoft, LogoSoft, SDK, MicroWin.

Functions "turn-key solutions" covered by IPA CIFATT employees:
- Engineering,
- Project Management,
- Software Architect;
- Programmer;
- Database Developer;
- Monitoring & Control Systems Design,
- IT Support Specialist and Consultant,
- Technical Support,
- System Integrator;
- Technological Transfer;
- Personal Formation,
- Service into guarantee and post-guarantee.