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*Press conference for project launching [ 2008-11-18 ]

The press conference was held with the occasion of starting the new project "Virtual gross market for agricultural products, through informatics systems and technologies - VirtGross". Inside the Press Conference the main objectives of the project and the results were discussed. One of the main results of the project is the e-commerce platform virtual gross market for agricultural products with connection to the banking units, in which Aries Oltenia will be portal administrator and unit that responds from Craiova, and the National Center for Informational Services will be portal administrator and unit that responds from Pleven. The Press Conference ended with a series of questions of the mass-media representatives about the informational system VirtGross.

*Working meeting No. 1,Virtgross [ 2008-10-28 ]

During the first meeting of the project, that took place in Pleven, the theme structure and the product classification that will be the object of the virtual commercialization were decided and was traced the job specifications book for the subcontracting of the informational system VirtGross. It was traced the data base, the relevant specialty information and of the technical necessary data for the graphical platform (Romanian/Bulgarian/English).

*INNOV - TT - Research, Innovation, Incubation, Technology transfer, 25 of November 2005, Craiova [ 2006-11-25 ]

The 6th edition of the International Symposium under Motto: "Regional Development by research, innovation, and technological transfer", The event have the support of: the Education and Research Ministry, Romanian IRC 4D, University of Craiova, ADR Oltenia - Agency of Regional Development, Chamber of Commerce Oltenia, Prefecture of Dolj County,

CLIMM - Local Association of SMEs. More informations:

*E-COMM line, 19-20 September 2006, Bucharest [ 2006-09-19 ]
The 7-th Edition of the important traditional European Conference, of eLearning, eBusiness, eGovernment, eDemocracy, eWork / Telework , eHealth, ebanking, Broadband and Wireless Internet, Internet Serrvices and ERA and the social and economic influences: ASE, Piata Romana 6,

More informations: ;

*SCEE06 - Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering, Sinaia – Romania, 17-22 September 2006 [ 2006-09-17 ]
The aim of this event series is to bring together scientists from universities and industry with the goal of intensive discussions about modelling and numerical simulation of electronic circuits and of electromagnetic fields.
The meeting is mainly directed at mathematicians and electrical engineers. Developers of algorithms and programs shall come to know recent advances on the other fields as well as open problems coming from industry; industry shall come to know new program tools and mathematical methods.

For more details follow the next link to SCEE06 conference site

*ISPDC 2006 - The 5th International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing, July 6th-9th, 2006, Timisoara, Romania [ 2006-07-06 ]

Areas of interest:

  • Cluster and Grid Computing / Programming Paradigms and Tools
  • Resource Discovery and Management / Performance Management
  • Task and Communication Scheduling / Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
  • Parallel, Distributed and Mobile Databases
  • Peer-to-Peer and Web Computing and Services / Adaptive Computing
  • Web Distributed Computing
  • Real-time Distributed Systems / Distributed Applications and Case Studies
  • Security / Fault Tolerance / Scientific Computing and Large Scale Simulations
  • Algorithms, Models and Formal Verification / Software Agents and Multi-agent Systems

More informations:;

*MITIP 2006, The Modern Information Technology in the Innovation Processes of the Industrial Enterprises [ 2006-02-06 ]

MITIP 2006, The Modern Information Technology in the Innovation Processes of the Industrial Enterprises, 11-12 September, 2006, Budapest, Hungary

More informations: mitip2006

*EWEC 2006, Business, Science & Technology,
Athens, Greece, 27th February - 3rd March, 2006, Europe's premier wind energy event
 [ 2006-02-06 ]

It is the only international wind energy forum that brings together all the disciplines that affect the wind industry - business; policy; science; and technology.

As a result, it attracts a high number of professionals, leading experts and exhibiting companies from across the globe. No other wind energy event offers this unique combination of opportunities to engage in high level political debate, technical discussions, business and networking.

All the key wind energy players will be at EWEC.

The conference programme includes over 500 outstanding oral and poster presentations from the top players in and beyond the wind power industry making EWEC 2006 the ideal forum for up to date and relevant information on business, policy, science and technology.

Over 2000 people are expected to attend and around 150 companies are exhibiting.

More informations:

*26 - 28 of April 2006 - Annual TII Conference "Innovation in the 21st century", Gateshead, England [ 2006-02-06 ]

A major European technology and innovation event will take place on the Millenium Quayside in April 2006. 200 delegates from 30 countries will attend 'INNOVATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY' - the annual conference of the European Association for the Transfer of Technologies, Innovation And Industrial Information (TII).

Held at the Hilton Hotel, Gateshead, the event will feature presentations from key officials from theEuropean Commission, industry and national government and will focus on building internal innovation capacity for long-term sustainability of businesses.

TII is one of the longest-standing, independent associations representing the innovation support and technology transfer professions in Europe. The 2006 conference is being organised by Northern technology transfer company, RTC North.

More informations:

*The Hannover International Technology Co-operation Event 2006 on Energy Technologies - 24th and 25th of April in the context of the Hannover Industrial Fair 2006. [ 2006-02-06 ]

This event is an initiative within the IRC Network and will be organised by a group of 13 IRCs together with co-operation and event partners laying special focus on technologies in the following fields:

  • Wind energy
  • Fuel cells and Hydrogen technologies
  • Biogas & Biomass
  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar thermal energy
  • Geothermal energy
  • Bio-fuels
  • Hydropower
  • Hybrid energy systems
  • Rational use of energy and energy efficiency
  • Energy transmission and distribution
  • Energy conversion and storage

Other topics related to energy technologies

  • Measurement and testing technologies
  • Materials, coatings, surface treatment
  • Vibration, hydraulic, acoustic engineering
  • Electronics, IT and software systems
  • Process optimisation, simulation, visualisation
  • Meteorology
  • other

The purpose of this Industrial Partnering Event is to create a meeting point for technology requests, offers and exchange. It will also be the place for you to meet other experts and companies active in the technology fields mentioned above.

Register and submit your company and technology profile online at:

Browse the constantly updated online catalogue and find interesting technology partners from all over Europe

Request your individual meetings with potential co-operation partners from the online catalogue

Shortly before the event each participant will receive a personalized meeting schedule.

Individual meetings lasting approx. 30 minutes will take place in Hall 2 on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th of April 2006, based on your personal meeting schedule. IRC staff will offer on-site support throughout the event.